Zooming the map with Live Search Mobile

One thing we have found is that our zoom UI is not very discoverable. It'll probably change in the future as a result; it seems we over-engineered it in the current app. But until we come up with a replacement, here are some tips:

  • obviously you can use the menu Zoom In/Zoom Out to change the zoom by one level
  • if you hit the D-Pad center button you will go into 'zoom mode'. While in this mode you can use the right soft key or the D-Pad center button to increase the zoom level, and the left soft key to decrease the zoom level. You can also pan the zoom box around the map with the D-Pad direction keys. If you don't press any buttons for about two seconds, then the selected zoom will be performed, and zoom mode is exited
  • if you have a touch screen, you can also quickly double tap on a map location to zoom in to that location

I hope this helps!