Building a Zite Replacement (Part 6)

Posted by Graham Wheeler on Thursday, September 24, 2015

Following on from last episode, I took some of the clusters that had clear cohesion and made some initial category exemplars. Here are the first few:

{"title": "Art", "terms": ["canvas", "painting", "pastels", "sculpture", "gallery", "photography",
        "landscape", "portrait", "still-life", "exhibition", "sketch"]}
{"title": "Literature", "terms": ["novel", "writer", "plot", "character", "author"]}
{"title": "Religion", "terms": ["Jesus", "Christianity", "Allah", "Islam", "Judaism", "Sufi",
        "Hindu", "karma", "sprituality", "faith", "belief", "priest", "pastor", "prayer"]}
{"title": "Cooking", "terms": ["ingredients", "bake", "roast", "fry", "stir", "cook", "cooking",
        "recipe", "flour", "sugar", "butter", "cups", "cup", "teaspoon", "tablespoons", "vanilla"]}

Note that these are deliberately in the same format as the articles in articles.txt, although without as many fields.

I then modified the code that reads in the articles file and calculates the TF-IDF similarity matrix to first read this file (categories.txt) so that these become the first 4 articles, then I recomputed the matrix.

I then sorted each item by similarity with each of these category items, and printed out the top 20, with:

import operator

for category in xrange(0, 4):
    print "===\n%s" % items[category]['title'].upper()
    metrics = [[distance_matrix[category, i], i] for i in xrange(0, len(items))]
    ranked = sorted(metrics, key=operator.itemgetter(0), reverse=True)
    for r in ranked[0:20]:
        print items[r[1]]['title']

The results are show below although I shortened it to 10 for brevity. As you can see we have good category classification. Obviously though there is a long way to go in adding more category records. One benefit of this approach is that unlike clustering, an item can occur in the top n list for multiple categories, which is desirable.

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In summary, we can now take articles, extract a set of key terms, and assign them to one or more categories. There is obviously work to be done, tuning the categories over time and adding many more. One way to determine how to adjust the key terms for existing categories is to look at the top terms across all articles assigned to that category, and add them to the category terms if they aren’t already present.

I’ll probably be busy with this for a few days but once I have a good working system the next topic will be ranking. Ranking will work best in conjunction with crowdsourcing so I may need to build the system out as far as a simple web front end that can be used as a categorical RSS search engine. Watch this space for future developments!