Connectivity problems with Live Search on Blackberry

Posted by Graham Wheeler on Sunday, February 24, 2008

I just wanted to share this information that one of our Blackberry devs, Didier, sent to a customer who was having problems as it may be useful to others:

Since Live Search for BlackBerry is distributed as an independent third party application, it works only if such applications are allowed to do network requests, which may depend on both your carrier network policies and your subscription type.

We support three connection modes in Live Search for BlackBerry: Direct HTTP, BES/MDS and WAP Gateway, but for CDMA devices only Direct HTTP and BES/MDS are possible (WAP is specific to GPRS/Edge carriers). BES/MDS is for corporate devices administrated through the company’s BlackBerry Enterprise Server, Direct HTTP is for individual subscribers. You can try both modes if you are unsure of your configuration (in Options > Enter your network configuration parameters).

But some BlackBerry data plans may be limited to Email & Web browsing and Live Search will not work in this case.